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Are you selling or renting property? List your property at its best by ordering the Planoría Floor Plans, Virtual Tour and Video today!

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When buying a home, most people start their property search online. Due to the enormous choice of portals, agents and properties buyers struggle most with finding the right property that suits their wishes.

Now you can help property buyers by providing a detailed property presentation online!

Buyer Benefits

Planoría Property Promotion products offer potential Buyers the complete insight into your property. This way viewers can truly and quickly match your property with their requirements.

  • Floor Plans give instant insight into the layout of your property. At a glance the viewer sees the number of floors and the layout of the rooms. Furthermore, the provided site plan shows the situation of the house, the terraces, the pool, garden and other site characteristics. Second, all main dimensions and proportions of your house and outdoor area can be directly read from the drawings. Finally, Floor Plans help the viewer assess the suitability and potential of your property. They can for example assist in identifying potential adjustments. A UK survey confirmed a floorplan is more important than the main image or the summary description.
  • Video allows viewers to get a true feel of the property in a short period of time. 360 video enables viewers to actively look around themselves, whereas a 2D video presents the property to a viewer. Over a third of Home Buyers uses video as information source in their home search.
  • Virtual Tours will spark their interest and retain their attention. The longer potential buyers are engaged, the higher the probability they will be in touch. Secondly a Virtual Tour not only shows a property in all detail (one can view in 360 degrees all inner and outer spaces but also zoom in on any details of interest to the potential buyer), it also shows the details in a context. Half of all buyers find Virtual Tours very useful.

Estate Agent and Vendor Benefits

Agents and Vendors want to sell a property at its best.  A good and complete property presentation will support you in achieving that goal.

  • As Agent you prove professionality by making use of multiple information sources and the newest technologies in the industry.
  • Both agent and vendor will save time due to a reduction of unnecessary actual viewings. A potential buyer can better explore the property from his own place or from your agency and in that way exclude those properties that do not match with the buyers´ requirements or wishes.
  • The actual conversion on viewings will increase as viewers that have already studied the additional information available will be more likely prospects of the property – they already have a clearer idea of what the property is like. For an example of a house presentation with all our products visit www.planoria360.es.

Concluding: Vendors and Estate Agents sell a property faster with a complete property presentation package!

As a specialized service provider in making attractive Floorplans and other promotional products such as Virtual Tours & Videos, we are your most suitable partner (click here for product overview, examples or contact us).