Floor Plans

Floor Plan of house made to measure

Each Floor Plan is carefully drawn by our qualified draftsmen. The sketches, measurements and photos that the measurer has collected, serve as input for these drawings. View examples here.

You will not only receive plans of your house per floor. You will also receive a plan of your site. With this plan, you provide the viewer with the vital insight into the location of your house on the site and the characteristics of the site itself.

Further features of a Planoría Floor Plan:

  • The drawing shows kitchen and sanitary, main furniture, terraces, trees, swimming pool and the like.
  • The different spaces are color coded and labelled.
  • The drawing is on scale and sizes are indicated.
  • Furthermore, the compass provides information about the orientation of the garden with respect to the sun.
  • Lastly, if there are elevations on the site, these are displayed in the site plan.

You may prefer more simplified plans, for example for rental properties. In that case, you can choose our attractively priced Floorplans 'Basic' (examples here). You can order them including a visit of one of our measurers or by sending us your own sketches and measurements. We convert your sketches for as little as €25.