Gallery Examples

Gallery Examples

In our Gallery you can find a few examples of our Floorplans, 360º Photos, Virtual Tour 360º and Property Video.


First of all our Floor Plan Packages. You receive a set of floor plans including a site plan, ideal for selling property (first example). The second example shows our Floorplans 'Basic', which provides a simplified overview of a property, ideal for rentals.

360º Photos

Second in our Gallery, take a look at the following example pictures to fully sense the potential of 360º Photos. To look around, move the image with your mouse or open the picture on your mobile device and turn it around.

Virtual Tour explained

Watch and enjoy the video (with sound) below which explains how to Tour a property virtually. Under one page tutorial you find an explanation of our tours 'user panel.

Virtual Tour 360º

Now start your own online Virtual Tour. You can navigate through the house by using the photos on the left or through the interactive floorplans and red colored hotspots (click on the floorplan icon on the right). If you have VR glasses, you can click on the respective icon to view the property in VR.

Property Video

Below you find an example of our 360 VR and 2D Property Video.

360 VR Video (Navigate yourself!)

2D Video

More examples

You can find more of our Portfolio on our Facebook page and on

Would you like to get Floorpans, Virtual Tour, Photos and/or Video of your house?