I am a Vendor

I am a Vendor. Why would I add more information to my property listing?

With Floorplans you add one of the most powerful and most valuable marketing tools!

The Real Estate Market in the UK, Netherlands and Scandinavia prove it. Here, for years, Real Estate Agents recommend to include Floor plans in a property´s sales listing, simply because Floor Plans work for you as Vendor.

During a search, with only descriptive text and pictures available in sales ads, viewers will experience that a number of important questions they have are typically not answered.

So what kind of questions do Floor Plans help answer?

  • Insight: how are the house and terraces oriented towards the sun? Planoría includes a compass in all their Floorplans to clearly show the orientation of the house and plot.
  • Measurements: what are the sizes of the rooms? The sizes of the different spaces are included in the Floorplans.
  • Potential: could we realize a bedroom on the ground floor level? The Floorplans can be used to study possibilities of the house and plot.

Viewers can better select with help of Floor Plans.

A Virtual Tour combined with Video enables viewers at a distance to visit your property as if they are present.

Potential buyers can already virtually move around your property and surrounding outdoor spaces, study any details they are interested and decide if it appeals to them. This will make real life viewings of a vendor's property more successful and help turn a viewer into an actual buyer or tenant. And according to us, that is exactly what you are looking for: an efficient and effective way to the find that one buyer or tenant!


Would you like to share more information on your property?