How to add Floor Plans for a small price

How to add valuable property promotion material for a small price

Adding attractive made to measure Floor Plans for a small price is possible! It can even be done with little effort. The easiest way to do so is to provide Planoría with the input sketches and for as little as 25-50€ we convert them for you.

You may have an old set of building plans on file that you can update with any alterations made over time. Alternatively, you can sketch your own floors and include the measurements of the different rooms. Just mail them to us ( and you will receive your plans within days.

Not sure how to make sketches of your house? Just follow our guidelines in the checklist below!

Checklist How To Make Sketches of my House

 1.   Are all required measurements of the inner spaces noted down?

2.   Are all windows and doors (including direction of rotation) indicated?

3.   Are the kitchen and bathroom(s)’ lay-outs provided?

4.   Are all spaces named accordingly and well readable?

5.   Are the floorplans provided in the desired orientation?

6.   Are all the floor plans provided up-to-date? If not, provide all updates in the drawing or in comments.

7.   It may be helpful to add a few photos of the property.

8.   Preferably provide the sketches as JPG or PNG file. You can scan the images or take pictures of them, as you prefer.

For more examples of our floor plans have a look at our gallery, to read more articles click on blog

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