How to market a Planoría 360 Virtual Tour?

How to market a Planoría 360 Virtual Tour?

Simply embed your tour online

In our previous blog we explained the characteristics of a Planoría Virtual Tour and the benefits of adding a Virtual Tour to your Real Estate listing. In this blog we explain the best ways to market your tour!

Don´t worry, it´s not as complicated as it may seem 😉


How you receive your Planoría Virtual Tour

For your ease, we host the tours for you. Once a tour is ready, you receive a web address for your tour.  If you prefer to host it yourself, let us know.

How to market a Virtual Tour?

There are  different ways you can share and promote your property with use of a Virtual Tour:

  1. Firstly, use Hyperlinking or HTML linking. When you mention a property on your website or in a mailing, you can easily add a hyperlink to the tour. A client clicking the link will be taken to the online hosted tour.
  2. Secondly, embed the tour on your website using iFrame. We provide you an iFrame link once the tour is ready for you to easily embed it on your website. You can change the sizes of the iframe to your liking. Clients on your website will virtually visit the property while remaining on your website. The iFrame capability is supported across all HTML and CSS websites.
  3. Thirdly, share and view the tour on Social Media such as Facebook. Nowadays a Facebook Business page is a widely known tool to communicate with followers or interested clients. The Virtual Tour can easily be embedded in a Facebook post, you simply copy and paste the URL where the tour is hosted into a post and share it online! Same counts for personal pages or other real estate groups on Facebook.
  4. Furthermore, you can embed the tour or include a tour link on Multiple Listing Service providers such as Idealista. To upload or embed your tours, check the upload procedure from the individual MLS provider you are using.
  5. Lastly, get a few pairs of VR glasses and show clients that visit your office one or more of your matching Property Virtual Tours, a great way to impress straightaway!

Read our previous blog on virtual tours to get a better understanding of what a Virtual Tour can do for you!

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