Property Video

Property Video

Get your 2D or 3D video made by Planoria
Planoría Video presenting your Spanish Real Estate

A Property Video helps to introduce your property to a viewer in a short period of time. Planoría offers 2 types of video, the 360 VR and regular video. Both videos will have a duration of around 1-2 minutes. The content for the videos is grasped during the site visit.

Video 360 VR

This video uses 360º imagery. By turning around a mobile phone or by navigating with the arrows on the device´s screen, a viewer can tour around every space by himself. Each room is automatically being played by the video. To look around a space a bit longer, you can simply pause the video and take in all details then push play again to continue the tour.

This interactive way of viewing a house using a video is supported by YouTube and Facebook. This makes this video very suitable for promotion on social media and as a trigger to explore the house more in detail using a Virtual Tour. For an example of a 360 VR Video go to our Gallery.

Video 2D

In a 2D Property Video the viewer is taken on a tour to see the most important rooms of your property. The video presents it to the viewer. The shots are dynamic, which allows the viewer to feel he is actually looking around the property himself.

This tour is also delivered in MP4 format and can be used on any website and social media for the promotion of your house. To view an example of our 2D Video, visit our Gallery.

All videos can be tailor made with logo´s, reference codes and property details.