I am a Real Estate Agent

I am a Real Estate Agent. Why would I add Floorplans, a Virtual Tour & Video to my listed properties?

Not only will you be distinctive and innovative in your service, you will notice improved sales results!

As a Real Estate Agent, you benefit directly from adding Floorplans, Virtual Tours and Property Video to the presentation package of your listed properties. We listed some of these benefits here:

  • Distinctive – You can be one of the first agents to offer Floorplans and Tours or Video in your region and distinguish yourself towards both current and potential customers.
  • Higher added value customer contact – You will receive more focused information requests once you display Floorplans, 360 Tours and Video online. With less general questions, you have more time available to provide seriously interested customers the best possible service.
  • Higher conversion – You will achieve a higher conversion on the number of contacts and the number of viewings that you will have. You will be more successful.
  • Innovative – By adding a Virtual Tour and 360 Video you will enable viewers at a distance to fully explore and grasp in virtual reality the property on offer.

We consider it a matter of time until all Real Estate Agents present properties in Spain with these products. Will you take the leading edge over your competitors now?

Distinguish yourself as agent and use Planoría presentation packages!


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