Why the Spanish Real Estate industry benefits from Virtual Reality

Why the Spanish Real Estate Industry benefits from Virtual Reality

Though the technology to create 360˚ Virtual Tours has been around for a while, the application possibilities can now truly satisfy our expectations. Viewers can ´walk´ through the house with the sensation they are there. 360˚ real estate tours provide a sense of depth which makes the experience unique. The demand of Virtual Reality Tours is on the rise because of the proven high added value it has in Real Estate, but also in related industries such as Retail, Commercial and Renovation projects.


What is a Virtual Tour?

A Planoría 360˚ Virtual Tour allows potential buyers to visit a property online and to view and move around each room and along the outdoor spaces (garden, pool, terraces and balconies) using 360˚ photo technology. The viewer can move around using the provided photo stream on the bottom of the screen or by clicking on the provided blinking hotspots in the portrayed 360˚ images, which will load the view of the adjacent space. An extra feature that can be added to the tour are the Floor Plans, so viewers know where they are in the property.

The provided VR mode allows the viewer to visit the property in Virtual Reality (using a pair of VR glasses), focusing on the hotspot will load the next view.

Check out below example of a Planoría Virtual Tour, and experience how a tour can accomplish what regular photography on its own cannot.



How does a Virtual Reality Tour benefit all involved parties?

Adding a Virtual Tour to a property listing offers advantages to both buyers, agents and vendors; we listed the most important ones for you.

  • Firstly, providing a Virtual Tour and offering viewers to navigate a property in a user-friendly, interactive environment will spark their interest and retain their attention. The longer potential buyers are engaged, the higher the probability they will be in touch.
  • Secondly, a Virtual tour not only shows a property in all detail (one can view in 360 degrees all inner and outer spaces but also zoom in on any details of particular interest to the potential buyer), it also shows the details in a context.
  • A third advantage for you as agent is proving professionality, you are making use of one of the newest technologies in the industry.
  • Fourthly, both agent and vendor will save time due to a reduction of unnecessary actual viewings. A potential buyer can view the property from his own place or from your agency and in that way exclude those properties that do not match with the buyers´ requirements or wishes.
  • Last but not least, the actual conversion on viewings will increase as viewers that have already seen the Virtual Tour will be more likely prospects of the property – as they already have a clearer idea of what the property is like.

Which properties qualify best for a Virtual Tour?

One note to conclude this article on the advantages of 360˚ Virtual Tours is regarding the type of property for which preparing a tour is most worthwhile. As ALL details of a property will be visible, it is most suitable for real estate in the higher end of the market, recently renovated, new build or semi new build. A nicely furnished and decorated house will also contribute to the tours´ attractiveness. Lastly properties with likely international buyers will qualify well for use of a 360˚ tour.

Stay tuned for our next blog which covers the different ways you can market your Planoría Virtual Tour 😊. For more examples of Planoría Virtual Tours, visit our website Gallery or join our Facebook page.

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