Second Home Expo

Our Virtual Tours to be seen at the Dutch Second Home Expo!

From 8 - 11 March 2018 the Second Home Expo took place in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Planoria was the proud provider of the virtual tours that were presented at the Select Estates stand. Have you ever tried VR glasses to be emerged in a different world? Never was a house visit (abroad) so easy. Never was a house presentation so complete.

Many people interested to buy a second home in Spain visited their stand and toured one of Select Estates beautiful villas using the VR glasses. In our Virtual Tour you move from room to room and can look around as if you are there. It’s an amazing experience.

If you missed the Expo, you can visit one of the properties right now (with or without the glasses ;-). Just scroll down. If you have glasses, click the VR icon and focus on a blue dot to move from room to room. If you take a look using a regular computer, tablet or mobile phone you navigate by clicking the blue dots or you can use the photos on the left. The control panel on the right enables you to explore, zoom or pause each image. More guidelines here

Interested to have a Virtual Tour made of your property? Contact us now on 965 748 032 or mail us at

View more examples of our floor plans and virtual tours in our Gallery and more articles in our Blog.

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