7 Tips to Sell your Spanish House

7 Tips to Sell Your Spanish House

You want to sell your Spanish property. Now you need to decide how you want to go about it. This blog gives you 7 Tips to Sell. Have a read and find out what to take into consideration along the way of selling your house.

1 Consider if you want to sell your property through one or multiple real estate agents or by yourself.

  • A good agent knows the local market, advises on the asking price, arranges and facilitates viewings, negotiates on the price and supports with the purchase contract. Agents in Spain work on a ‘no sale no fee’ basis. You can choose to list your house exclusively with one agent or through multiple agents at once. For an exclusive sales contract, an agent may offer several additional services to help market or sell your house (e.g. Floorplans, professional Photos) while usually charging a lower commission fee than for a non-exclusive sales contract where he only has a chance to sell and earn. Using multiple agents may be advisable when you want to sell quickly, since you achieve a higher exposure of your listing.
  • Alternatively, if you want to save a considerable amount of money and have the time, you can choose to sell your property by yourself. Obviously, advertising is key to selling. There are many websites you can use to promote your property. The most known (free) ones are www.idealista.com and www.fotocasa.es. Also, think of creating a Facebook Page for your house, sharing it among your network, putting an ad in the newspapers and a sign outside your property etc.

2 Critically review with which (relatively minor) investments can make your house more attractive to buyers or increase its value.

Ask friends and agents for feedback too. For example, the condition of the (outside) paint work or windows or the state of the garden. Don't hesitate to invest a small sum, it surely pays of!

3 Collect information to define a realistic asking price for your property.

Do online research to identify asking prices for similar properties for sale in the same neighborhood, request advise from estate agents or request an official taxation.

4 Collect and review all paperwork to make sure it is complete and in order.

Make sure that property details in the Escritura, Catastro and Registro de la Propiedad are complete and accurate. Big modifications to the house (extra sqm, a new pool) must be added. Also, since 2013, when you put up your house for sale, you must have a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). All information must be available and complete at the time of transfer of the house to the new owner’s name.

5 Prepare a complete information package on your house to market your property. You can share it with your agent(s) or interested buyers.

Invest time to make a good description of your house and emphasize its unique selling points. Have floor plans made as a major aid to (online) buyers. Floorplans give an instant insight into your property. Have attractive photos taken, in advance make sure it is orderly and all unnecessary items are put away. If an added value, consider to add a virtual tour or video or drone images.

6 Ensure your house is always perfectly organized for viewings.

Make sure the property is clean, orderly and well ventilated before viewers arrive. Consider to put fresh flowers on the table for a cozy and welcoming feel.

7 Monitor how things are going during the sales process and adjust where needed.

Collect feedback from viewers and agents to improve the property, advertising or viewings where possible. Evaluate if you require more marketing effort and find out what it is you can do extra.

Hopefully these Tips to Sell provide you a good starting point. Good luck with selling!!

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